Get to know me.

My passion is the sharing of information. We live in a big world, and it would be a shame if we could not share what is in our minds and hearts with the rest of that world. We help one another evolve. What I try to do with my life, my talents, my skills, is foster that process through my own writing and by assisting others to refine and present whatever it is they have to share.

Professionally, I have done every job from writer to reader, having worked in production and managing editorial for Penguin Group, editorial for Source Interlink magazines, as a freelance writer and editor, and as a book buyer for Tower (I can’t be blamed for their demise, I assure you). I am what you could call a word nerd. A geek for hire. I have produced coursebooks for lawyers and board books for babies, edited magazine articles for gearheads and stories for the masses, and written articles, press releases, short stories, newsletters—you name it—about body image, street art, recipes…even the process of copy editing. See some of my clients and projects here.

I am also a founding editor at Driftwood magazine, serving as Managing Editor for this startup vegan travel and culture quarterly.

Originally from Chicago, I’ve lived in New York City, Los Angeles, and now Portland, where I think I’ll stay. When I’m not reading or writing, I’m listening to records, organizing a bake sale, playing with kittens, hiking or biking across bridges with a super guy, or continuing my quest to find the perfect Lemon Drop.

birthday photoAlso, I hate cameras, but this is me. I am older than I act, I promise you.
Have any questions? Contact me at micheletruty [at] gmail [dot] com. I don’t currently have any social media outlets for this site, but I have a personal Twitter account, where I infrequently talk about cats, Star Wars, projects I’m working on, and people who rub me the wrong way.