Let’s Work Together.

An all-around word nerd, I can edit:

  • magazine articles/blog posts
  • books/ebooks
  • press releases
  • web copy

Whether you’re looking for simple proofreading, copy editing, or a full-on rewrite (got great ideas but you’ve just made a mess of them?), I can help you.

My favorite benefit of a long-term editing relationship is that—if you pay attention—over time your writing will improve.

My style

Most of my experience has been using Chicago Manual, but I can hang with the AP crowd or whatever fusion style you have up your sleeve. I believe language evolves and exists to suit our needs, so we must sometimes make up new words or break some rules. My job is to make sure you know when you’re breaking a rule.

The two most important questions I ask myself when working on any piece of writing are:

  • Does this speak to my audience? Am I writing to teenagers or retirees? Are the concepts familiar or am I introducing something alien to them? I don’t want to confuse or bore anyone.
  • So what? When someone gives your writing their time, what do they get out of the deal? I want to make sure they leave with something, be it knowledge, food for thought, or simply a mood.


I am comfortable editing in Word, InDesign, and Acrobat Professional. I will work in Google Drive, but honestly, it’s not great for editing.

For pass-to-pass proofreading, contact me for a mailing address.


No submission fees, simply $27/hour for the first three hours, then $22/hour thereafter, for larger projects. I can get a lot done in an hour—contact me for an estimate or with a per-word writing proposal. *For hard copy service, add 25¢ per page I print, plus actual shipping fee (no markup).

Clients & Projects

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